Travel Bucket List ☆

Hey guys! So, I am going to try and start actually keeping up with this blogging thing. It's just so hard to balance everything and remember that I actually have a blog. Anyways, lately I have been on Pinterest a lot more than normal and one of my favorite things to pin is travel ideas.… Continue reading Travel Bucket List ☆


Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

Netflix & chill anyone?? If you're anything like me then you're probably watching Netflix like all the time. I honestly don't know why & how i have so much time for Netflix, but apparently I do lol so here is a compiled list of what I have enjoyed watching on Netflix: You : omg this… Continue reading Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

Songs I’m Loving

Hey everyone! Here is just a little update on the music that I am loving right now. It's a mix of different genres and artists and this playlist is always being updated. Go ahead and follow it if you're interested! Some of these songs are repeats of when I first posted about music that I… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving

Summertime in Oregon

So, this post is going to be about my favorite place on this planet. Neskowin, Oregon. Neskowin is a very small town on the coast of Oregon. My family has been meeting up there since the summer of 2001. We go every other year and the next time we go it'll be our 10th time… Continue reading Summertime in Oregon

Favorite Highlighters

Hey guys! so i know it's been a reallllly long time, but school and work just take up so much of my time, so i really do apologize. but..... with the weather getting warmer (finally!!!) i am starting to appreciate my highlighters more. if you have never been to Georgia or dealt with humid heat… Continue reading Favorite Highlighters

Songs of the Month

Hey guys!! So, I absolutely LOVE music. It's my go-to stress relief and a way to express myself. I use Spotify and even have a premium account. Since I am a student I get an awesome discount (look into it if you are a student). These songs are the ones that I have been listening… Continue reading Songs of the Month

Cruelty Free

I have decided to become cruelty free with my makeup and beauty products. I chose to do this because one I love animals and two it's 2018 and there's no logical reason to still be testing on animals. I have been researching this for a long time now and I'm happy that I am finally… Continue reading Cruelty Free